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The cryptocurrency industry is developing at a fast pace, with new and exciting ventures emerging every day. While some of these ventures have brought the people behind them into the spotlight, several of them are created by well-known people in the industry. When Bitcoin was first created, it didn’t gain immediate popularity and only a handful of people understood its true value. This meant that such people had a headstart on Bitcoin investments which were cheap at the time. Continue reading THE WINKLEVOSS TWINS’ PROJECT GEMINI

Brazilian Football Club Avaí to Launch Cryptocurrency

Just days after French soccer giant Paris Saint-Germain football club (PSG) announced its own cryptocurrency, complete with an initial coin offering (ICO), Brazil’s Avaí Football Club has come up with a similar plan. Continue reading Brazilian Football Club Avaí to Launch Cryptocurrency

Gemini Adds Block Trading to Reduce Impact of Large Orders

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins, has added a new feature that will reduce the impact that large buy and sell orders have on the Bitcoin price. Announced on Monday, Gemini Block Trading will allow cryptocurrency “whales” to execute large trades outside of the exchange’s continuously-updated order books, where a single trade can have an outsized effect on the market as a whole. Continue reading Gemini Adds Block Trading to Reduce Impact of Large Orders

Ripple Would Pay to Play on Major US Exchanges

It’s not every day we get a glimpse into what it takes for a cryptocurrency to get a listing on a major exchange. But today we learn the lengths that Ripple, the No. 3 digital coin by market cap, would go to get its XRP coin listed on the leading trading platforms alongside bitcoin and Ethereum. Continue reading Ripple Would Pay to Play on Major US Exchanges

Gemini Exchange

The Gemini Exchange aptly got its name, as a result of its two founders, who were the Winklevoss twins. They are a New York digital exchange that is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). Although they are held to the highest level of capital reserve requirements, and banking compliance standards, they have faced criticism, due to the fact that at the launch in late 2015, they only allowed US citizens on to board, in 26 states and Washington DC.

They applied for status as a New York State limited liability Trust, rather than a Bitlicence, which makes it different to other exchanges. Unlike others, it gives the exchange the ability to deal with both institutional clients and individuals. The founders have plans to allow access to other crypto markets when the time comes as well.
There are no deposit and withdrawal fees and trading fees are 0.25% off both sides of the trade.

Year Launched: 2014

Country: USA

Website: https://gemini.com/