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Uber Co-Founder Unveils a New Cryptocurrency

The ride-sharing co-founder is already known for disrupting one industry, and now he’s reportedly going after bitcoin, gold and fiat money. Garrett Camp, who co-founded ride sharing giant Uber, is behind a new cryptocurrency dubbed Eco, a decentralized global currency protocol, and he’s looking to the world’s top universities to run a verified node network. He chose Eco for its connotation of “ecosystem, economics and e-commerce,” according to an article in Fortune. Eco is in it to win it and is designed to go head-to-head with bitcoin, gold and fiat money for daily global payment transactions. The Eco Foundation, a nonprofit organization, is tasked with designing Eco as a “global currency that is easier, safer, and faster to use than paper money.” There are several distinguishing features to Eco that separate it from bitcoin, not the least of which is that the new cryptocurrency is free — they’re giving away 50% of their total token supply to the early takers.

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