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Cryptocurrency Watch : CyberMiles

CyberMiles (CMT)

CyberMiles (“CM”) is the blockchain technology being developed by 5xlab, a blockchain development laboratory. 5xlab is working closely with 5miles, a leading c2c marketplace operator with more than 12 million users in the US.  5miles is expected to be the first platform to utilize CyberMiles’ blockchain protocol, and will also assist 5xlab to develop the technology. Over the last 3 years of leading innovation in online & local marketplaces, 5miles has accumulated the necessary technical and commercial know-how to tailor blockchain technology & smart-contracts for real-world applications. 5xlab seeks to use this expertise to develop CyberMiles, with focus on trust and compliance. This will enable it to be a mainstream blockchain technology for real-world businesses.

Current Price: $0.214033 USD
Website: https://cm.5miles.com/
Type: Token
Market Cap: $94,904,334 USD
Circulating Supply: 443,409,819 CMT
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CMT