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Blockchain Art Provenance & the Future of Digital Art

In the early days of art, a painting had value because it was the only image of its kind in the world. If you wanted to replicate an image, you’d have to hire a painter to recreate the original, and even then it wouldn’t be the same. But with the advent of the camera and now digital imaging, copying art has become trivial. A new level of forgery also exists. This makes blockchain art provenance a promising field. Continue reading Blockchain Art Provenance & the Future of Digital Art

New Ethereum Project Aims to Tokenize Video Game Items

The ability to create decentralized applications (DApps) is widely considered to be one of the most promising use cases for blockchain technology. Palm, a new Ethereum-based project, aims to provide developers with the ability to tokenize in-game assets in conventional video games as well. Continue reading New Ethereum Project Aims to Tokenize Video Game Items

Etheremon’s Co-Founder Jarvis Nguyen

Blockchain-based games have become a hot commodity in the cryptocurrency space. Ethereum-based CryptoKitties was the first game to take off on the market and since its inception, more and more games are being released. Etheremon is the latest game to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The idea of gaming on the blockchain is very new. The traditional game is controlled by a company and the game behavior can be changed easily by them. As a decentralized application, no one controls this game, and no one can take away your assets or cheat you in this world. It is immune to any outside influence as it’s guaranteed to execute only what the smart contracts were programmed to do. Moreover, because Ethereum runs on thousands of machines simultaneously, the services are provided with a 100% uptime guarantee. In Etheremon, all players share the same world. For example, there are only 195 Pangrass, so the maximum number of players that can have Pangrass at any particular time is 195. Users can also play with others via battle modes. It is similar to any online games, but there is no centralized server, all actions are done via Ethereum network. From those attributes, players can earn money from playing. Players can sell, lend their Etheremon to others, and as the resources are limited and transparent, there is a need for collecting them. It is similar to Bitcoin, there is a limit cap and no one controls it.

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