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Florida CFO works to protect against cryptocurrency fraud

State leaders are calling Florida’s fraud problem an epidemic. One state leader just launched a new initiative to protect you, your identity and your money online.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, has started a website to protect consumers from cryptocurrency scams. It’s part of the state’s brand new initiative called Fraud Free Florida.

“With crypto currency, we saw many many situations where there’s a lot of fraud going on there,” said Eric Bretan, a former investment banker who now runs an Estate Jewelry business in Punta Gorda. Bretan believes this new website could be a valuable tool for anyone who’s hacked while exchanging this digital currency.

“Either the owner of the exchange steals all the cryptocurrency or someone hacks into that particular exchange and steals all the cryptocurrency and there’s really no way to get it back,” Bretan said. “They’re doing this from Russia. They’re doing this from China. And they’re doing it from North Korea and there’s absolutely no way of getting it back.”

During his time as an investment banker, Bretan steered his clients away from investing in cryptocurrencies altogether, calling them complete luck.

Reference: https://www.abc-7.com/story/40074762/florida-cfo-works-to-protect-against-cryptocurrency-fraud

Litecoin: The Official Cryptocurrency for GLORY Kickboxing

Litecoin is now the official cryptocurrency of the GLORY Kickboxing league after entering into a partnership with the professional sports league. This is a major step taken by Litecoin in order to promote the mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency. Continue reading Litecoin: The Official Cryptocurrency for GLORY Kickboxing

Hiding Cryptocurrency Assets – Just How Easy Is It?

In the early days, Bitcoin was often inaccurately considered to be an anonymous digital currency. We now know that’s not true. Bitcoin is pseudonymous in nature, not anonymous, highly transparent, and can be easily tracked through blockchain forensics tracking. Whether or not the pseudonymity is good or bad depends on who you ask. While blockchain forensics tracking can be used to track cryptocurrency, individuals can easily employ a number of
practices to improve their anonymity. Continue reading Hiding Cryptocurrency Assets – Just How Easy Is It?

Dash’s KRIP Remains the Cheapest Cryptocurrency Enabled Smartphone

Samsung, a South Korean tech giant on February 20 launched its Galaxy S10 and Fold smartphones which feature a cryptocurrency wallet. Sirin Labs and HTC in 2018 also launched blockchain-based devices. However, these smartphones are worth almost $1,000 and more expensive than Dash’s KRIP smartphone. Continue reading Dash’s KRIP Remains the Cheapest Cryptocurrency Enabled Smartphone