Top five blockchain companies (Part I)

By the power of blockchain

Though blockchain has been around for a while, the technology is very much still in its infancy in terms of development and innovation. The industry has advanced in great strides since its inception circa 2009, but it is yet to reach its full potential. Continue reading Top five blockchain companies (Part I)

Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

First, a bit of history

There was a time, not so long ago, when someone would have looked puzzled and asked you what you meant if you spoke to them about cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies became a thing back circa 2008, when the entity known only as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ unveiled the concept of Bitcoin to the world. Continue reading Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

Crypto Kings (Infographic)

It seems like that cryptocurrencies are the greatest craze of the last decade. When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the concept for the Bitcoin in 2009, many considered it an unrealistic concept. The skepticism that was spread around held many from making their first investment in Bitcoin. Things, however, are much more different now. In 2017, the popularity and value of this cryptocurrency literally skyrocketed. Continue reading Crypto Kings (Infographic)