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Crowdsale For DISCIPLINA

DISCIPLINA is a multifunctional blockchain for projects in the fields of education and recruitment. It ensures the transparency of the platform’s activity and creates the conditions for maintaining the confidentiality and reliability of information entered by the ecosystem participants. The system will allow to keep a unified register of academic achievement and qualifications, and generate a personal score for every user of the platform. DISCIPLINA is a private-public blockchain. The private element has been introduced in order to store private and personal user data, as well as those materials that are protected by copyright or commercial confidentiality. The private segment does not allow any data except hashes into open access. The public segment provides access to the data that verifies the integrity of the private chains and the reliability of the data stored by the network. Since the blockchain will store confidential information (such as students’ personal data, grades, and test results), public blockchain solutions that store all of their transactions in open access — Ethereum or EOS, for example — are unacceptable. At the same time, private blockchain solutions, such as Hyperledger, do not provide enough verifiability of the data stored on them. That is why DISCIPLINA is being developed as a specific blockchain to ensure the full support for the needs of the educational and recruiting spheres.

Reference: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/crowdsale-for-disciplina-the-first-blockchain-for-education-and-hr

46% of Last Year’s ICOs Have Failed Already

It has always been assumed that a large number of ICOs will fail, be it at the fundraising stage or when it comes to delivering the actual project. It’s hard to settle on a precise figure, however, as most dubious ICOs don’t exit scam: they slowly tiptoe away, like a sneak thief rather than a smash-and-grab robber. Given enough time, everything withers and dies, from the most robust institutions to the most popular crowdsales. No one expected all of 2017’s ICOs to last the course. The pace at which they’ve withered and died may come as a surprise though. Tokendata, one of the more comprehensive ICO trackers, lists 902 crowdsales which took place last year. Of these, 142 failed at the funding stage and a further 276 have since failed, either due to taking the money and running, or slowly fading into obscurity. This means that 46% of last year’s ICOs have already failed. The number of ICOs that are still a going concern is actually even lower. An additional 113 ICOs can be classified as “semi-failed”, either because their team has stopped communicating on social media, or because their community is so small as to mean the project has no chance of success. This means that 59% of last year’s crowdsales are either confirmed failures or failures-in-the-making.

Reference: https://news.bitcoin.com/46-last-years-icos-failed-already/