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Congress Demands Facebook Halt Work on the Libra Cryptocurrency

High-ranking legislators in Congress have issued a thundering rebuke to Facebook’s cryptocurrency ambitions, demanding that the Mark Zucker-berg led firm “immediately cease” work on Libra until the government says otherwise. Continue reading Congress Demands Facebook Halt Work on the Libra Cryptocurrency

Mexico´s Congress Approves Cryptocurrency

Mexico’s lower house of Congress recently approved a bill that’s set to regulate the financial technology (fintech) sector in the country. The bill addresses both crowdfunding and cryptocurrency regulations, and puts Mexico among a small group of countries regulating the cryptocurrency space. According to Reuters, the bill seeks to “promote financial stability and prevent money laundering,” and has been approved by Mexico’s Senate back in December. Now, it only needs to be signed by the country’s President Enrique Pena Nieto, to become law. Reportedly, the bill was crafted in general terms, and will see regulators draft “secondary laws” that will help determine essential details for companies dealing with cryptocurrencies. The law will give fintech companies greater regulatory certainty surrounding issues such as cryptocurrency-related rules, payment methods, and crowdfunding.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/mexicos-congress-approves-cryptocurrency-crowdfunding-regulations/