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CoinPayments Is 1st to Offer Stable Coin Payment Processing

Cryptocurrency payment gateway expands to support stable coin payments

George Town, Cayman Islands – 28th November 2018

Merchants using the CoinPayments gateway now have the option to accept stable coin payments within their ecommerce store. Until now, there hasn’t been a solution created for automated payment processing of stable coins. The integration of US dollar-pegged stable coins into the CoinPayments platform provides users with hosted wallets and automated payments for TrueUSD (TUSD), USD Coin (USDC), Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and Tether (USDT). While there isn’t yet a clear winner for stable coins, they each offer their own pros and cons and CoinPayments is proud to support multiple options. Continue reading CoinPayments Is 1st to Offer Stable Coin Payment Processing

Cryptocurrency Watch : Emercoin

Emercoin (EMC)

Emercoin is an emerging leader in secure, distributed blockchain business services. With many
companies using Emercoin technology, there is a core Emercoin team that maintains and develops
services for the public Emercoin Blockchain, which uses the Emercoin cryptocurrency (EMC) to perform
a variety of services.

Offering some of the most innovative, real-world solutions, the Emercoin Blockchain is the premier
public blockchain for secure, decentralized business operations.

Current Price: $2.82 USD
Website: http://emercoin.com/
Type: Coin
Market Cap: $117,024,910 USD
Circulating Supply: 41,524,995 EMC
Total Supply: N/A

Cryptocurrency Watch : ZClassic

ZClassic (ZCL)

Zclassic is a fork of Zcash: (@HeyRhett) decided to take another path by removing the 20% fee.
Miners are simply earning their fair reward, we believe they deserve it, and the coin development can be supported by the community. ZCL also differs from ZEC by removing the slow start (source), we
are not trying to deliberately engineer scarcity: The Market decides the price.

We are using the same parameters which were produced in the now famous secure “trusted setup meeting” (source) where Peter Todd participated, and he confirmed to us (source) they are safe to
use. If just one of the participants kept their key secret and destroyed it, the whole system is secure.

Current Price: $4.05 USD
Website: http://zclassic.org/
Type: Coin
Market Cap: $14,631,745 USD
Circulating Supply: 3,616,250 ZCL
Total Supply: 21,000,000 ZCL

Cryptocurrency Watch : Pascal Coin

Pascal Coin (PASC)

Based on a groundbreaking and unique new idea in the cryptocurrency space, PascalCoin pioneers a new tier of scalability suitable for planetary-scale adoption. It is the first and only cryptocurrency to have broken the 100 transactions per second barrier! By offering simple account numbers that can be associated to emails, company names and domain names, payments have never been easier. PascalCoin’s powerful architecture lays the strong foundation for large-scale smart contracts in the form of Layer-2 protocols.

Current Price: $0.954048 USD
Website: http://www.pascalcoin.org/
Type: Coin
Market Cap: $18,129,297 USD
Circulating Supply: 19,002,500 PASC
Total Supply: N/A

Cryptocurrency Watch : MonetaryUnit

MonetaryUnit (MUE)

Launched in July 2014 Monetary Unit is a decentralised, self-sustainable and self-governed cryptocurrency project with long term goals. Our focus has always been to create a cryptocurrency that is accessible to all and breaks away from the stigma of being understood not only by the tech industry but be an attractive offering for developers, crypto heads and the general public alike.

Maintained by a friendly and committed community and with many exciting projects on the horizon, here at MUE, we continue to innovate and build on our reputation to launch into the mainstream as the most trusted and exciting cryptocurrency project in the market.

Current Price: $0.124422 USD
Website: http://www.monetaryunit.org/
Type: Coin
Market Cap: $15,868,889 USD
Circulating Supply: 127,540,861 MUE
Total Supply: 4,000,000,000 MUE