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InWara Insights on Tezos ICO market cap, RoI and more

Tezos is a brainchild of Arthur and Kathleen Breitman that literally aims to be the world’s last cryptocurrency (source: Tezos whitepaper). The building blocks of this project are on-chain governance and self-amendment which are some of the critical issues that Bitcoin has been facing in recent years.

Tezos project capacitates the stakeholders by involving them in decisions and governance of the platform. To simplify further, stakeholders will have the power to approve or veto the changes in the Tezos protocol. Continue reading InWara Insights on Tezos ICO market cap, RoI and more

Cryptocurrency 2019: Outlook and Market Cap

So 2018 has well and truly been an interesting one for cryptocurrencies with many developments globally.
January 2019 in the New Year will also mark the 10th anniversary since Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic founder of Bitcoin, published the Bitcoin code. Who knew that since that pivotal moment to know how that initial  Bitcoin code would lead to the launch of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies and completely change the way people perceive virtual currency from traditional cash.
It’s fascinating to see how cryptocurrency technology and advancement can really affect change in the market not only within the last decade but also on a yearly basis.
So as we goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019, what 4 cryptocurrency trends may we see for the upcoming year. Continue reading Cryptocurrency 2019: Outlook and Market Cap