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Traditional dating platforms are unsatisfactory

To love and be loved in return is the greatest happiness in life. However, with over 3.5 billion users connected to the Internet and nearly twice as many devices, finding love in the 21st century is a tale of bots, interlopers, and hackers. As humans, we want to have, we want to hold, we want to love… but not a bot! Recently, many popular dating sites have turned to using bots to artificially bolster the traffic on their sites and create a false sense of engagement among its ‘users’. These bots are being programmed to mimic human interactions as closely as possible and are exclusively under the control of the platform. Most users are unaware of the fact that the person on the other end may be ‘acting funny’ because it’s a bot and just as soon as they start accepting this behavior, the rug gets pulled from under their feet, shoving them into the cold hands of another bot. Most of these platforms tend to claim that these bots are there to help users overcome communication problems and come to grips with the online dating scene. However, the truth remains; none goes to a dating site to chat with bots. We are all seek real human interaction and connection.

Reference: https://themerkle.com/why-traditional-dating-platforms-are-unsatisfactory-and-how-blockchain-can-help/