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Blockchain Can Rewrite the Future of Supply Chain Management

Blockchain is more than just an instrument of finance, in fact calling it a ledger recording only
transactions is misleading. It is more of a ledger recording “agreements.” It is an immutable
system which records the history of “deals” made between two or more parties, in which neither
party can go back and change the terms. If you think along these lines, you will realize blockchain
has innumerable functionalities apart from merely keeping a record of financial transactions. One
such use is transforming the future of supply chain. Imagine documenting every move of a product in
an immutable ledger as it changes hands, generating a long list of interconnected blocks containing
complete product lifecycle information. This will give rise to a supply chain ecosystem which is
faster, cheaper, and free from any human error threatening its authenticity.

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Canadian Securities Exchange Taps Blockchain for New Clearinghouse

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) plans to launch a blockchain-based clearing and settlement platform for token sales, it announced today. The initiative will see the CSE move to list so-called “Security Token Offerings,” through which blockchain-based assets which are explicitly securities would be offered and sold. The blockchain-powered platform represents a new service area for the exchange, which has been operating since 2003. Companies will be able to use the platform to issue traditional equity and debt through tokenized securities, which would then be offered to investors through fully regulated offerings, which stand in contrast to initial coin offerings (ICOs) that more often than not operate in a regulatory gray area.

Reference: https://www.coindesk.com/canadian-securities-exchange-taps-blockchain-new-clearinghouse/

Gibraltar Government to Launch ICO Regulations

Last month, the world was informed that the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange will roll out its very own initial coin offering (ICO). The ICO offering commenced on February 7 and will close three days from now. Two days after the ICO offering began, Reuters reported that the public should expect in the coming weeks to see a draft law surface from both the Gibraltar government and Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Reportedly, the draft law will put forth the ICO regulations in the British overseas territory. For those who don’t know, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, which is an extremely crypto-friendly exchange. According to lawmakers, this is significant news as the draft law marks the first ever set of ICO regulations. The draft law that is thought to surface in the next couple of weeks will help to regulate the sale, promotion, and distribution of digital tokens on the British overseas territory.

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NANO (XRB) Plummets after $170 Million Stolen on BitGrail

It was announced yesterday that BitGrail, the Italian cryptocurrency exchange, lost 17 million of the cryptocurrency NANO (XRB). To date, the hack is worth over $170 million USD. A week ago, RaiBlocks rebranded to Nano and jumped in price nearly 40% in 24 just hours.The rebranding was highly anticipated by most in the project’s community but not all were certain it would be the best move. Non-the-less, it seemed to have been a positive move until now. Nano provides fast, easy and free transactions on its blockchain. These transactions can be done on an app or your desktop computer, making it extremely convenient to use.

Reference: https://cryptocurrencynews.com/daily-news/nano-xrb-stolen-bitgrail/

Etheremon’s Co-Founder Jarvis Nguyen

Blockchain-based games have become a hot commodity in the cryptocurrency space. Ethereum-based CryptoKitties was the first game to take off on the market and since its inception, more and more games are being released. Etheremon is the latest game to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The idea of gaming on the blockchain is very new. The traditional game is controlled by a company and the game behavior can be changed easily by them. As a decentralized application, no one controls this game, and no one can take away your assets or cheat you in this world. It is immune to any outside influence as it’s guaranteed to execute only what the smart contracts were programmed to do. Moreover, because Ethereum runs on thousands of machines simultaneously, the services are provided with a 100% uptime guarantee. In Etheremon, all players share the same world. For example, there are only 195 Pangrass, so the maximum number of players that can have Pangrass at any particular time is 195. Users can also play with others via battle modes. It is similar to any online games, but there is no centralized server, all actions are done via Ethereum network. From those attributes, players can earn money from playing. Players can sell, lend their Etheremon to others, and as the resources are limited and transparent, there is a need for collecting them. It is similar to Bitcoin, there is a limit cap and no one controls it.

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