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Russian Blockchain Week 2018

21-25 of May in Moscow will be the leading event of the year in the field of blockchain-technologies and cryptocurrency – Russian Blockchain Week 2018. RBW-2018 is 5 days in the blockbuster industry, where you can find out a lot of knowledge and connections. More than 70 top experts will speak at the event, which will tell you step by step about all the possibilities of using the technology, real cases and, of course, answer one of the main questions: what are the new opportunities of technology will open for business and individuals. Continue reading Russian Blockchain Week 2018

Fujitsu Launches Blockchain Center in Europe

The adhesion of the blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) among big companies worldwide has generated a real “Ledger running” mainly among companies in the technology sector. Google, Microsoft and Amazon are just a few of the world’s giants looking to deploy new solutions that use blockchain to provide more security, reliability and new features for building an increasingly connected world. Continue reading Fujitsu Launches Blockchain Center in Europe

Healthcare is Becoming more Accessible through Blockchain

As an emerging technology, blockchain is growing significantly in terms of awareness and public participation. Most of the involvements in the blockchain ecosystem are perceived to be motivated by curiosity and the opportunity to earn value. However, the actual reasons behind this increasing growth is practically due to increased implementation of the technology across different works of life. Continue reading Healthcare is Becoming more Accessible through Blockchain