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Crypto Purchase Ban Hits MasterCard Earnings

Card issuer Mastercard is feeling the sting from a decision by top US banks to ban credit card transactions for cryptocurrencies. Cross-border volume growth is on a downward trend, as evidenced by a 19% increase last month compared to 21% for all of the first quarter, according to the company’s earnings results. Continue reading Crypto Purchase Ban Hits MasterCard Earnings

Bank of America Admits Cryptocurrencies Are a Threat to Its Business Model

Bank of America, one of the world’s largest financial institutions, admitted in an annual report that cryptocurrencies are a threat to its business model. The report, which was dated Feb. 22 and filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), listed a range of economic, geopolitical, and operational risks that the Charlotte, NC-based bank faces as it heads into the new fiscal year. For the first time, rising cryptocurrency adoption made the list. The bank, which recently barred its customers from using credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies, said that this and other similar policies could cost the firm clients. In an astounding admission, the bank — second-largest in the US in terms of total assets — said that widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and other fintech innovations could require the bank to make “substantial expenditures” to update its existing services and remain competitive with upstart firms.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/bank-of-america-admits-cryptocurrencies-are-a-threat-to-its-business-model/