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Quadrant is a blockchain protocol designed to solve the problem of data sourcing and organization. The platform collects data from disparate sources, organizes them and creates new data products from these sources that users can easily purchase. Data from the Quadrant network is stamped using a SHA256 algorithm to ensure that users can check its authenticity. Continue reading THE 101 GUIDE TO QUADRANT

Crypto Entrepreneur Joins Blockchain-Based Commerce Platform’s Advisory Board

A start-up which aims to make Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments an everyday feature of mainstream shopping has announced that “one of the most renowned representatives of the crypto community” is joining its advisory board. Continue reading Crypto Entrepreneur Joins Blockchain-Based Commerce Platform’s Advisory Board

Taiwanese Central Bank Sees Future In Blockchain For Payment Systems

Yang Chin-long, the new governor of Taiwan’s central bank, indicated in a speech yesterday, Feb. 26, that the bank would be open to exploring Blockchain technologies. At the end of January, Taiwanese capital Taipei had announced that they intended to turn into a ”smart city,” utilizing Blockchain for providing technological advances like pollution sensors and health history tracking to citizens by partnering with IOTA. During his speech at the presidential handover ceremony, Yang Chin-long said that the central bank will be open to “[adopting] artificial intelligence technologies and big data analysis to better predict and analyze global economic conditions:”

Reference: https://cointelegraph.com/news/taiwanese-central-bank-sees-future-in-blockchain-for-payment-systems

New Cryptocurrency Debit Card Harnesses AI To Give Customers The Best Deal

The increasing ability to pay for products and services using cryptocurrency debit cards is a physical representation of the rise in crypto popularity. However, they are still relatively rare and at times complex; with so many cryptocurrencies available in conjunction with market volatility, it can be difficult for traders to know how best to utilize the contents of their cryptowallets when making purchases. Amon is a financial cryptocurrency platform that looks to solve this issue using their unique payment card which utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that users get the best value from their cryptowallets with every purchase. Their whitepaper claims that they are the only platform which enables users to use their most valuable cryptocurrencies for purchases in real time. Amon also offers their own unique Amon tokens (AMN). Amon card holders will have three purchase methods to choose from. The simplest is to instruct the wallet to allows pay with a single currency (for example, someone who is only interested in Bitcoin). The second is to personally select which of your currencies to use after swiping the Amon card. The third brings into play the unique Amon Artificial Intelligence Aystem (AAIS) which will select the best currency to use in real-time on a per transaction basis. Amon’s whitepaper uses the scenario of buying a coffee using the Amon card as an example. The AAIS algorithm will analyze the user’s cryptowallet and decide the current best performing cryptocurrency, taking into account factors such as historical data and user risk profile. The algorithm displays to the user the crypto with the highest value to them at that point. The user can then decide to accept the suggestion or pick another currency to purchase the coffee with.

Reference: https://cointelegraph.com/news/new-cryptocurrency-debit-card-harnesses-ai-to-give-customers-the-best-deal