TAC Tokens: Using The Advertising Currency (TAC) the Token way

The Advertising Currency or the TAC which is the ultimate effective utility-based currency for marketing and advertising is designed within the Open Source Marketing Platform (OSMP-TAC). The only way to do is though getting the right tokens for the right field in marketing and advertising.

Although this currency is a utility currency, as with all cryptocurrencies, they can and will be traded on open markets.

The goal of the TAC project is to create an industry-based cryptocurrency that brings all forms of advertising, both online and offline, onto the blockchain while at the same time creating an industry-based series of tokens to use within the advertising and marketing industries.

The tokens value holds no actual value outside of the OSMP-TAC platform as described within this document. These tokens may increase or decrease in value within our platform based on various factors as defined within this document and should solely be used for the purpose of advertising.

How do you do this? Upon logging in, there are list of all 10 of the TAC Tokens. Each token has a selling price of $1USD. You simply enter the amount of USD you wish to purchase of any of the tokens and click to deposit. You are taken to a coin payments payment page when you enter your information and send funds to.

The tokens are distributed to members approximately every 24 hours. It is not just another pump and dump nor is it a cryptocurrency security. It has massive potential with a ton of love and care having gone into it’s development.

The project should over time allow the entire industry of marketing and advertising to be decentralized so that no single centralized business can control the costs and pricing of advertising.

TAC will begin as a series of 10 tokens distributed through the Waves Blockchain platform. These tokens are: Outdoor Ads (outTAC); token that supports radio advertising (radTAC); token that supports television advertising (tvTAC); token that supports magazine advertising ( magTAC); token that supports video (vidTAC); Social Exchange (socTAC); Article Exchange (artTAC), Banner Exchange (banTAC); Traffic Exchanges (teTAC) and Viral Mailers (vmTAC) which are explained in the The Advertising Currency on this domain.

A token and a coin/currency are different. A coin/currency is the thing that powers an underlying blockchain; whereas a token is the thing that is issued on the blockchain. For example, on Ethereum, ether is a coin/currency and projects develop tokens on the platform.

As this is a free open source platform, anyone will be able to download it, customize the theme, and set up their own website. They will be able to select which features they want enabled on their own websites giving absolutely anyone the ability to become an advertising sales agent.

Article Written by: M. L. S. Ram, Follow her on https://twitter.com/sulorammohan

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