Steven Seagal’s Crypto Endorsement: Inside A Massive Cloud Mining Crypto Swindle

A multi-platform, multi-continent scam roped in hundreds of people for at least $1,000 each over the course of 2017 and 2018. The old Cloud Mining exit scam in the extreme. An altcoin called “Bitcoin 2nd Generation,” B2G or Bitcoiin2G came out of the charade with actor Steven Seagal reportedly endorsing the cryptocurrency. The B2G ICO (Initial Coin Offering) culminated in New Jersey, where The New Jersey Bureau of Securities cracked down on B2G advertisement in the state. A company called Dragon Mining is allegedly behind the whole scheme, possibly including B2G itself.

A group calling themselves The Crypto Crime Fighters have contacted CCN and provided further information. Several exchanges and “cloud mining” operations have participated in the execution of the scam. CCN spoke to a few of the principal victims by phone to get the lowdown.


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