Report Alleges Egyptian Government is Secretly Mining Cryptocurrencies

An investigation by The Citizen lab has found evidence that Egyptian authorities are mining cryptocurrencies on citizen’s computers and laptops. Using Internet scanning the researchers found deep packet inspection middleboxes on Telecom Egypt connections. Unencrypted traffic, (that uses http, not https) was redirected to browser cryptocurrency mining scripts. The researchers suggest this was done in order to extract revenue from unsuspecting internet users. The report also identified the same malicious system being used in Turkey to inject citizen’s devices with spyware.

Both Egypt and Turkey have been increasingly authoritarian in recent years, breaching multiple human rights obligations. Reporters Without Borders ranked Egypt 161st out of 180 currencies in its 2017 World Press Freedom Index, and 800 people have been sentenced to death since 2013. Journalists, human rights defenders, and protesters have experienced mass arrests, disappearances, and torture. After an extensive investigation, the team was able to track the network injections from both Egypt and Turkey to Sandvine PacketLogic devices – an American-based firm which sold the Turkish system as part of a $6,000,000 contract. At the time the deal caused a prominent member of the company to resign in protest.


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