Proposal for Listing OXY2 (Cryptoxygen) token on Binance DEX

1.Project Name
Cryptoxygen token (OXY2

2.Project mission
Our goal is to give easy access to new comers to crypto industry through integration of our software into Thomson hardware. We would like to offer full solution to crypto investors from education to trading and to the right investment opportunities.
3.Your name and position
Irina Duisimbekova, Chief Business Development Officer & Founder of Cryptoxygen
4.A one-sentence pitch
Cryptoxygen is a cryptocurrency exchange platform giving an easy access to crypto-investors through our exclusive partnership with Thomson Computing, historical French brand since more than 120 years.

5.What are you planning to achieve with your project?
We are planning to develop a full solution crypto exchange that offers the following services and features:
Fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto instant trading
• Digital and secure wallet to allow instant payments and transactions within our partnership network by paying in OXY2 tokens
• Features to copy successful traders
• Online academy offering to our members exclusive training sessions with the most famous crypto-traders
• Advisory on investment opportunities each month provided by our financial experts
• Discounts on purchasing with our OXY2 tokens
• Referral programs
• Low commission! Trade in OXY2 tokens and get 30% of discount on trading fees!
• And more to come!

6.What is your team size now?
The total team is 3 founders, 5 developers, 3 advisors of Patron Japan,
Irina Duisimbekova, Chief Business Development Officer & Founder of Cryptoxygen
Alexandre Katrangi, CEO: 25 years experience, in management of top Forbes companies & Family Offices in MENA region.
Stephan Français, CEO and Founder of Thomson, France IT.
7.Project Website
8.Share a link to your project’s whitepaper
9.Share a link or image of your roadmap

10.Where are you right now in your roadmap?
We are going through fund raising IEO. We have launched our MVP.
11.What is the business model of the Project?
Give easy access through integration of our exchange platform in all Thomson hardware products.
12.What is the potential user base and market opportunity?
We are targeting to reach 150000 potential users through notebooks, smatphones, tablets of Thomson every year at 0% marketing cost !
13.Token Name and Symbol
Cryptoxygen token (OXY2)
14.What is the primary use case of your token?
Our token OXY2 is a utility token, that provides to our users of exchange platform additional advantages such as discounts on trading fees, memberships, online trading courses, discounts on purchasing products within our partnership network.
15.Where else can your token be used?
Purchasing products through partnerships.
Discounts on Thomson products.
16.What is the total supply of your token?
250 000 000 OXY2, for life time.
17.What is the circulating supply of your token?
5 000 000 OXY2
18.Please provide a breakdown of current token allocation

150 000 000 OXY2 for IEO, 60%
40 000 000 OXY for founders, 16%
45 000 000 OXY2 for company development and Airdrops, 18%
15 000 000 OXY2 for private investors, 6%

19.If your token a security token? If yes, did you get the required approvals from regulators in your jurisdiction?
20. Is the token currently listed on any other exchange? What are they?
Forkdeltha & Etherdeltha.
21.Did you conduct an ICO or any type of fundraising? When was it?
Yes we are going through it now on from 30.06.2019 till 30.08.2019
22.Public Sale Overview:
Raised 26 ETH and 300K$
How much in total did you raise?
23.How much runway does your project require to ship the final product?
Around 4-6 more months.
24.What currency/coin/token do you plan to hold your funds in?
Fiat currency and OXY2.
26.What’s your coin storage / conversion policy? Do you only convert to fiat when you spend?
As cryptocurrency is a very volatile we keep both in fiat and in ETH/OXY2.
27.How do you plan to publish your spending each month?
We will announce it on our blog WordPress and Twitter account.
28.What are the technological innovations of the project, if there are any?
0% marketing cost of distribution our exchange through Thomson partnership.
29. Do you have any products or UI demos that you can share publicly? Are any built by your community, as opposed to being in-house demos? Do you plan to release weekly progress updates in this forum?
We announce regularly on our social media channels on our progress.
30.Who do you view as your current competitors?
There are many crypto exchanges that are born every day. However, many of them are not regulated and don’t have licenses to operate the business. One of them : Bitfinex, Latoken, Kucoin, IDAX, etc
31.What is your project’s competitive advantage over existing or potential future solutions?
The advantage of Cryptoxygen is that we have successed to seal an exclusive partnership with IT hardware manufacturer, 120 years of existence on the market, Thomson. We will reach our customers from the factory until the shop.
We also offer a full range of services from education to trading to assis tour users and to help them to adopt crypto !

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