Project Economics of Kaafila

Kaafila task will get continuous exertion from Users and Team Members, which will

make pay from items/administrations purchased by Clients/Advertisers. Furthermore the Users and

Colleagues will be compensated/made up for their work in KFL tokens.

Kaafila task will work on not-revenue driven model, and the total compensation toward the end

of every year will be zero. Along these lines, all pay will be utilized for administrator/project working

costs, and any leftover pay will be circulated among the Users straightforwardly.

We trust that assuming the Kaafila project is accomplishing helpful work, our Users and Team Members

based worldwide will empower the production of new pay each year, and along these lines, there

is no compelling reason to aggregate any pay.

Project pay might be in the accompanying: KFL, ALGO, USDT.

Project costs might be in the accompanying: KFL, ALGO, USDT.

Clients and Team Members can change over their KFL tokens on a trade or trade site.

The point is to augment the reception of KFL token, through valuable applications for

industry, and progressing support for social causes.


Kaafila project team is currently working to build the system from ground-up in a

network-efficient manner with minimum latency. The core development team includes

blockchain developers, system architects, analysts, and project managers.

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