Printer Hack is a Warning for Crypto Investors

A few days ago, a bored hacker known as TheHackerGiraffe achieved widespread notoriety for exploiting vulnerabilities in security protocols for internet-connected devices and thus hacking into 50,000 exposed printers as part of the “Save PewDiePie” campaign. At a time when PewDiePie — the world’s most famous YouTube channel with more than 19 billion views over five years — is set to be upstaged by Indian music production channel T-series, the lessons learned from the hack could have major implications beyond the world of casual hacking and gamer culture.

In a Twitter thread, TheHackerGiraffe explained that while looking at ways to canvass support for PewDiePie (without the streamer’s knowledge or permission), he decided to carry out a guerilla printing campaign using vulnerable internet-connected printers. What happened next could potentially hold great significance both for internet user habits and for cryptocurrency holders and investors.


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