Popula Stores News on Ethereum’s Blockchain

Subscription-based news platform Popula has made history by providing the very first fully stored news article on a blockchain platform. Earlier this week, Maria Bustillos, the editor of journalist-owned Popula, announced the placement of an article published on the website has now been stored on the distributed ledger.

According to the report, the article, which was initially published in Death + Taxes magazine, was stored in full on the Ethereum blockchain, and its hash was stored on the IPFS protocol. With these, it is expected that the article will stay on the blockchain forever. Or for as long as the Ethereum blockchain and IFPS protocol continue to exist.

The storage of the article was done with the aid of engineers from blockchain-based startup Civil, one of Popula’s earliest backers.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/popula-stores-news-on-ethereums-blockchain/

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