Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin Bashing Is Getting Absurd

Peter Schiff, the self-professed bitcoin hater, has been talking trash about the king of cryptocurrencies over the last few days. The gold bug has a long history of spewing venom on the asset dubbed as digital gold. Instead of focusing on providing helpful content on gold and other precious metals, Schiff makes it a point to criticize the cryptocurrency almost every chance he gets.

Recently, the chairman of SchiffGold once again belittled bitcoin. At this point, Schiff’s antics are becoming ridiculous. His latest tweets reveal that he’ll say anything to make bitcoin look like a villain, regardless of facts. The gold bug should quit now before he loses all credibility.

We are a week into 2020 and Schiff is already calling a bitcoin top for the year. On Monday, the staunch bitcoin critic implied that the dominant cryptocurrency’s 4% rally is the best that it can do this year.


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