Dating With Benefits brings blockchain to sugar dating

Dating with Benefits are taking part in the Malta Blockchain Summit, scheduled for 1-2 November at the InterContinental in Malta.

Dating With Benefits, an ICO which aims to revolutionize the sugar dating industry by using blockchain technology, has just begun the pre-sale for their new token: BENEFIT.

The team behind the project includes online dating experts with several decades of experience, a world renowned dating coach, several successful online ICO marketers as well as blockchain experts and developers.

Dating with benefits will be a brand new Sugar Dating application which will introduce cutting edge technology to solve the biggest problems the sugar dating industry faces. Live consent contracts, blockchain enabled ID verification and a positive reputation system (like Uber or Airbnb) are just a few of the groundbreaking features they will deliver.

The BENEFIT tokens will be the heart of the platform and unlike many other crypto tokens will have real inherent value within the platform. BENEFIT can be staked to rank high for searches, you can directly show your balance on your profile to attract preferred users, or gift it discretely to dates for a positive connection. The DWB team foresees the platform attracting almost all current sugar dating users as it will be the first platform which solves the biggest issues plaguing existing sugar dating sites. In only a few years’ time the DWB team predicts BENEFIT becoming the mainstream cryptocurrency for the entire multibillion dollar sugar dating industry.

Dating With Benefits begins its presale today, more information can be found at

For more info about Malta Blockchain Summit 2018, please visit official website:

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