8,500 Attendees Ignite Blockchain Island : Malta

The inaugural edition of the Malta Blockchain Summit has been a resounding triumph. Held on the 1st to 2nd November, at the Intercontinental Hotel, St. Julian’s – the Summit saw intense interest, from both local and global quarters, with 8,500 attendees turning up for the event. Continue reading 8,500 Attendees Ignite Blockchain Island : Malta

IronX Announces the Appointment of Dimitris Hatzis as CEO

CEO announcement coincides with IronX’s regulatory licence approval by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and Public Token Sale

IronX is delighted to announce the appointment of Dimitris Hatzis as their Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. The new Crypto Exchange, a joint venture between the Global Leader in Online Trading, the IronFX Group and the World Blockchain Giant, EmurgoHK, allows private and institutional investors to exchange cryptocurrencies, as well as trade forex, commodities, equities, and other tradable assets. Continue reading IronX Announces the Appointment of Dimitris Hatzis as CEO

Eden Block: Hash Function

Instead of using public and private keys for encryption and decryption (as with ECC and RSA), a hash function can be used to secure data. A hash function processes plaintext of any size and creates a unique, fixed-length identifier. In other words, hash functions take the generic text (like this article) and turn it into a string of numbers and letters. This hash is unique to the message; this means that Message A and Message B cannot have the same hash function and that Message A will always have the same hash provided that the message doesn’t change. Additionally, any change to the original message will produce an entirely different hash. This is also called a collision-resistant hash function, meaning that no two different messages will produce the same hash. The resulting hash usually has a size between 128 and 512 bits. Continue reading Eden Block: Hash Function

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