BitSquare Exchange

The BitSquare Exchange is unlike other, more traditional exchanges thanks to the unique features that it has.

The open source desktop application allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins, which you can then exchange for other cryptocurrencies, or alternatively, for traditional national currencies. The things that really make this exchange stand out from others is that it has been designed to be instantly accessible, which means that there is no need for registration or approval from a central authority. Because the system is decentralised, peer to peer trading can’t be censored or stopped. It has been designed to be very easy to use, and because it is an open network, it means that the code is completely transparent and open.

BitSquare takes security very seriously though, and is incredibly safe. The decentralised arbitration system and security deposits protects traders, and the exchange will never hold your funds, ensuring that your transactions are incredibly secure. Every transaction that you carry out is private, which means that no one, except trading partners will exchange personally identifying data.

Year Launched: 2014

Country: N/A


Gatecoin Exchange

Gatecoin exchange focuses on security, reliability and cost-effective transfers. It is a regulated digital currency exchange, that is also capable of provided other related services, such as prepaid debit cards, as well as merchant and remittance solutions. It is one of the first exchanges to launch Ethereum markets.

The exchange was started in 2013 and has been designed for both professional traders and retail investors. The Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange enables individuals and institutions around the world to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets.

The exchange is incredibly easy to use, but the exchange has a dedicated support team should you require extra help. The smart and mobile-optimised interface allows you to trade using your tablet or smart phone. Their platform is constantly improving to ensure that it is the best it possibly can be. Finally, like all good exchanges, it is decentralised, modular, scalable and secure, using bank-grade security features to ensure the security of your account.

Year Launched: 2013

Country: China


Bittrex Coin Exchange

Bittrex is one of the largest Crypto to Crypto exchanges, which offer a large number of trading pairs into Bitcoin. As well as dealing with all of the major cryptocurrencies, such as Darkcoin, Nextcoin and Litecoin, they also offer Neucoin and Ethereum. They provide both individuals and businesses with a platform in which to buy and sell these and other digital tokens.

Bittrex has a very high turn over rate of cryptocurrencies, which has led to some negative attention and confidence in the crypto currency ecosystem as a whole. However, Bittrex exchange in based in the United States, have very good security features, including a two-factor authentication for their customers to ensure that all of their transactions remain safe and secure.

Year Launched: 2011

Country: USA


Portfolio Investment – 01 for January, 2018


S. No.  Symbol Buy Rates  Amount Buy Total
1 DCN $0.00180600 55000 $99.33
2 TNT $0.19010000 500 $95.05
3 VIB $0.35240000 300 $105.72
4 AIR $0.03510000 3000 $105.30
5 DATA $0.17717000 600 $106.30
6 CDT $0.12469000 800 $99.75
7 BTM $0.30540000 300 $91.62
8 SNC $0.36000000 300 $108.00
9 ENJ $0.21033000 500 $105.17
10 CND $0.30000000 300 $90.00
11 SNT $0.28090000 300 $84.27
12 FUEL $0.21000000 500 $105.00
13 FUN $0.10332340 1000 $103.32
14 MANA $0.12550000 800 $100.40
15 MAID $0.69983800 150 $104.98
16 TRX $0.07150000 1500 $107.25
Total $1611.46


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