Forced Selling Cryptocurrencies in India

Panic selling going on in India. Sources as Unocoin or Zebpay, prices are completely reverse now. As they were charging  much higher from US Cryptocurrencies Exchanges, now its completely reverse. below are the rates in USD:-
BTC = 5800
ETH = 343
XRP = 0.42
BCH = 557
LTC = 105
BTG = 39
Its Amazing to see this prices in India.

Foxconn Signs on to Manufacture $1000 Blockchain Phone

Taiwanese electronics behemoth Foxconn is reportedly getting onboard to develop and manufacture ‘Finney’, a blockchain phone from Sirin Labs. Codenamed the Finney, Swiss startup Sirin Labs first announced its Android-based open-source ‘blockchain’ smartphone with features including a built-in cold storage cryptocurrency wallet, encrypted communications and peer-to-peer resource sharing late last year. The startup raised $158 million for the Finney project, which includes a desktop, in an initial coin offering in December. Continue reading Foxconn Signs on to Manufacture $1000 Blockchain Phone

Japan Proposes Guidelines to Legalize ICOs

A working group backed by Japan’s government has proposed new guidelines intended to legalize and regulate initial coin offerings (ICOs). In a report published April 5, Japan’s ICO Business Research Group — a task force that includes lawmakers, academics, bankers, and the chief executive of bitFlyer, Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange — called for the government to legalize ICOs and adopt clear industry rules and practices that encourage growth but also protect investors. Continue reading Japan Proposes Guidelines to Legalize ICOs

Washington County Fires Back at Unauthorized Bitcoin Miners

If you’re in Washington’s Chelan County, you might want to think twice about attempting to mine bitcoin off the radar. At their latest meeting, the county’s public utility district (PUD) moved to enforce a moratorium that was placed on new mining applications last month and take whatever steps necessary — including fees and criminal charges — against what officials characterized as “scoundrels” running “unauthorized cryptocurrency operations,” according to a notice. Chief among their concerns is protection both for the community and the power equipment, but they’re also worried about supply. Continue reading Washington County Fires Back at Unauthorized Bitcoin Miners

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