Op-ed: Would a Global Recession be Good for Bitcoin?

There is a belief among some in the cryptosphere that a global recession or cataclysmic events are bound to imbue the populace with a sudden desire for cryptocurrencies.

To frame this accurately, we have to assess the various factors at play. In one respect, for larger monied interests, Bitcoin could certainly offer a hedge against inflation and decreased productivity. Trade imbalances that cause uncertainty in national economies might also be offset by profits gained from trading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and gold are often viewed in the same light, and gold historically does better during recessions than most commodities. Still, there are sell-offs in between. If Bitcoin follows a similar pattern, then it certainly will come out of the next recession in better straits than it entered.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/op-ed-would-a-global-recession-be-good-for-bitcoin/

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