Not Just ICOs — Why Traditional IPOs are Also on the Way Out

2018 left some very clear signs about the way the businesses (crypto or otherwise) raise funds. ICOs have all but died out, disguised as token sales launched from lightly-regulated tropical islands. The great move to allow investors of all backgrounds and creeds to be in with a chance of funding early innovation has been curtailed. And now, upon analyzing data from CB Insights, it looks like IPOs are on their way out as well.

For blockchain companies, particularly in the US, there’s a distinct move toward STOs. At it’s most basic, that means tweaking existing securities exemption laws to make token sales legal.

However, the original method of allowing the (accredited) public to buy-in to companies IPOs are on their way out, too. And that may mean a return to the elitist system of yesteryear where the capital stays in the hands of VCs and private investors.


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