No More Cooked Blocks – Mainstream Auditors Enter the Fray

According to the Wall Street Journal, the firm will start auditing various companies’ Blockchain systems. The accounting giants will be able to facilitate the launch of Blockchain services and then
monitor transactions validated by distributed ledger technology (DLT). The mechanics is pretty simple. As a company’s Blockchain processes and stores transactions, PwC will also record each
transaction allowing its clients to view and test transactions.

This is not only targeted at companies considering launching their own inhouse decentralized ledgers, as PwC indicated that a digital-wallet service is among the list of clients using the firms new offering. The auditors are keeping their cards close to their chest in regards to the amount of companies that have signed up for the new service. But among that list is said to be a major stock exchange that wants to make sure its blockchain-powered payment system is working correctly.


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