Nano, Verge (XVG) And Qtum Rated Most Improved Project In China’s Latest Ranking

Nano, Verge (XVG) And Qtum – There is no doubt that that countless of companies in the developed world have began embracing and evaluating cryptographic projects than ever. In line with this, a state-backed tech workgroup in China, Information and Industry Development (CCID), released its 10th ranking assessment index for 35 crypto projects on February 26.

While the 35 projects were assessed based on basic technology, applicability and creativity, Nem (NEM) blockchain technology was ranked least with a total evaluation index of 71.9, and the like of Nano, Verge (XVG) And Qtum were rated the overall most improved crypto graphic projects.

Even though the three projects did not make it to the top ten position, they were recognized separately and given much credence due to their creativity as the latest rating attaches more points to creativity indicator.


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