Morgan Creek Co-Founder Says It’s Better for Most Investors to HODL Crypto

If you follow some of the best traders on Crypto Twitter (CT), you would think that trading with leverage is the best way to grow your crypto portfolio. After all, some of these traders post tremendous gains in short periods of time.

While these traders flex their skills, they unwittingly make many of their followers think that trading is an easy game to play. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a result, a lot of retail traders lose a huge percentage of their capital trying to chase gains.

The lure of doubling or tripling their portfolio drives many retail traders to jump in on trades without managing risk. It’s no wonder that only a small percentage of traders actually make money.

Thus, it makes sense for most investors to buy cryptocurrencies or any other assets and wait for the bull market. This might take a year or two but if it happens it virtually assures them of massive gains. In addition, it will be without the stress that comes with swing trading.


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