Monero [XMR] is a privacy-preserving currency, says Riccardo Spagni

In case you ping Riccardo Spagni on Twitter (who is present on the Twitter with a name FluffyPony) and ask him about who ought to put funds into Monero, you better prepare for a pushback. Monero’s is hardly an investment. It’s intended to be a currency, and specifically, it’s intended to be a privacy safeguarding type of currency, Spagni would say.

Spagni is a developer who drives standards in crypto. Let us understand his thoughts on what makes it so different from other protection coins. He is the head developer of Monero and is handling the operations of Tari as a CTO. Forbes recently conducted an interview with him, in which he expressed his thoughts on XMR.

Apart from working in a corporate as a developer, in his free time, he works on breaking the Bitcoin codebase. When CryptoNote got introduced in the market for the first time, it pocked Spagni. (CryptoNote is the first ever default privacy protocol).


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