Monero Crypto Network Plans Fork to Buck ASIC Miners Once and For All

Developers of the privacy-cryptocurrency Monero have announced they’ll be “forking” (making code changes to) their network, changes that will reportedly make it impossible for “miners” using powerful ASIC-chip-laden machinery to process transactions on the network, Blockchain Reporter states.

The change, which is scheduled to take place March 9th, is designed to enhance “decentralization” on the Monero network. In order to function properly, public cryptocurrency networks strive not to be dominated by individuals or groups both politically and technically. When Bitcoin was first created, anyone could “mine” (process transactions on) the network using basic computers.

Many young “geeks” famously ran Bitcoin mining rigs in their dorm rooms to have a chance at winning “block rewards” of the nearly worthless early-days experimental currency Bitcoin.


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