Massive Google Cloud Outage Nukes Snapchat, Gmail, & YouTube

Around 3:25 pm ET, a massive chunk of the internet went dark. Google Cloud appears to be the source of the problems. This has led to outages for YouTube, Discord, Google Photos, Search, News, Analytics, Gmail, and various other services. It’s not just Google’s own applications either. Snapchat, among other services hosted by Google, is also experiencing difficulties.

The Verge reported that the problems are mostly located on the US East Coast. However, Twitter users have reported outages ranging from Europe to Brazil.

At the time of this writing, it’s unclear if Google is suffering from routine problems or something more serious. Given all the cybersecurity news and threats recently, some folks in the tin-foil hat crowd are suggesting that Huawei or another Chinese entity may be mounting a cyber attack as the trade war heats up.

Additionally, more than a few people have noted the suspicious timing of Google’s outage. Remember that on Friday, news broke that the Department of Justice is planning antitrust enforcement action against the company.


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