Manchester’s entrepreneur property investment shake up

You will be able soon to buy a property through…an ATM machine, thanks to a ground-breaking idea of a Manchester’s businessman Paul T Lajszczak. Paul, finance and property entrepreneur, owner of Property Portal Crowdfunding Place, Financial Brokers, Place2B and several other businesses, installed first cryptocurrency ATM machine in central Manchester where you can buy any cryptocurrency with cash. And this is not all. In June, you will be able to buy a property in the UK, with your cryptocurrency via Crowdfunding Place Portal.

What is cryptocurrency? It is an international digital currency, which has been hailed the future by Richard Branson. Crowdfunding Place, based in Manchester, will be the first in the UK property investment platform where people from all over the world will be able to exchange their cryptocurrencies into property shares. Paul, the brain behind this idea, is committed to give people 100% freedom in both, investing in property and buying cryptocurrency. The innovative cryptocurrency ATM machine is located in Islington Wharf Building in Manchester, which accepts cash and where you can buy BITCOIN with cash for up to £100k per month limit and up to £4000 per day. There are only a few machines where cryptocurrency can be bought with cash and this is a big step forward for innovation and business investment in Manchester.

It is difficult to buy, especially larger amount of cryptocurrencies, via banks, as banks often make difficulties or even block the transaction because cryptocurrency is such a new disruptive idea that takes the control away from the banks and puts it back to people. It is visionary entrepreneurs, like Paul, who make change possible in financial economy. Paul’s innovative ATM machine will allow investors to completely bypass banks and to buy cryptocurrencies directly with cash, without any financial intermediaries. More, investing in property couldn’t get any easier. Now people will be able to just go in to Crowdfunding Placeportal, which website is displayed right next to the cryptocurrency-for-cash ATM machine, and invest in property in the UK with their cryptocurrency, with the financial transaction taking only a minute, bypassing banks and other intermediaries. Is this as far as it gets?

Paul shares with us his plans: ‘’ This ground-breaking way of buying cryptocurrency with cash and of investing enables an ordinary person to invest any amount, small or larger and to become a property investor within minutes. Investing couldn’t get easier. It gives people freedom. I plan to grow the network of our innovative cryptocurrency ATM machines in Manchester and beyond. It is a very exciting era we live in. I want to raise awareness of possibilities that we previously thought were impossible.’’


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