LN Mainnet Reaches 1,000 Nodes

The Lightning Network (LN) notched another historic achievement over the weekend, as the LN mainnet reached 1,000 active nodes for the first time in its short history. That’s despite the fact that this nascent second-layer technology, thought by many to be a solution to Bitcoin’s scaling dilemma, remains in alpha-stage testing and has yet to receive a production release.

Owing to this fact, users have yet to use it to transact meaningful capital. The network is only holding about 4.5 BTC, worth about $43,000 at the present exchange rate. Moreover, nearly forty percent of network-connected nodes do not have any active payment channels.

Nevertheless, this level of mainnet adoption is remarkable for a technology that, officially, is still in testing. For reference, there are currently just over 11,000 active nodes on the Bitcoin network, according to according to CoinDance data. Bitcoin Cash, whose departure from the main Bitcoin blockchain was largely in response to its embrace of Lightning and off-chain scaling solutions, currently has 1,883 active nodes.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/lightning-strikes-ln-mainnet-reaches-1000-nodes/

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