Know about Kaafila’s flexibility about their need of content providers…

On other video stages, content makers require roughly 1,000,000 perspectives to
produce a good pay, or need 1000 supporters or 4000 hours of watch time with
recent months to be qualified for promotion and procuring from it, however we will permit
adaptation right from the principal content (in case the substance is agreeable with rules).
Little Content suppliers frequently come up short on a method for advancing their substance/media. Conventional
showcasing channels include enormous forthright installments and prominent direct publicizing,
which don’t connect with any possible income. On the stage, Content suppliers
can draw in with Users with computerized promoting exercises. Content suppliers can share a
part of their income with Users, when the User reacts to the deal, the User’s wallet
address is added to the rundown of addresses to get the substance supplier’s KFL tokens.
There will be brilliant agreements for consequently remunerating Users and Content Providers
for their endeavors in KFL tokens. Commitment with the User people group is vital,
for input and novel thoughts for development and advancement, and we will have committed Team
Individuals for this work. Keeping up with content quality control is vital for Users
to stay lined up with the vision to make Kaafila a spot for learning and expert
development. Computer based intelligence and ML programming will help in steady observing and examining of content on
the stage, and banner substance that looks destructive or against the Terms of Use.

New/Emerging Content Providers are leaned to deliver media since it permits them
to expand income and track where their income sources straightforwardly. It additionally permits
Content suppliers to enhance into another crowd, and income streams customarily
not accessible through existing stages. These New/Emerging Content suppliers will
be diminished to discover that they don’t have to sign long haul arrangements or pay. Dissimilar to existing
streaming stages that take up to 70% of the income, our framework takes just a little
rate for support. The way that the basic convention and foundation
can be utilized by any API player all over the planet implies that the substance will be noticeable
around the world

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