KittyRace Lets CryptoKitties Race Each Other for a Prize

A new Ethereum game is taking advantage of the success the wildly-popular CryptoKitties app had. The new game, called KittyRace, sees the digital cats race against each other for an Ethereum prize.

KittyRace essentially allows digital cat hodlers to enter their pets in a race against others’ pets, for an entry fee. As with CryptoKitties, specific traits help cats win races, combined with their entry timing and an element of chance. The winner receives everyone’s entry fees, minus a small portion used to pay for the transaction.

Notably the game was created by a firm called Endless Nameless, and is run by Charley Hine and Eugene Otto. Endless Nameless has nothing to do with Axiom Zen, the firm that brought CryptoKitties
to life. Thanks to a lack of property rights on a decentralized blockchain-based game, KittyRace’s developers were able to give digital cat owners new ways to have fun.


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