Is Cryptocurrency, CryptoAssets, Coins, Digital Tokens and Virtual Currency All the Same Thing Created Equally?

The crypto space has grown rather large when compared to what it looked like several years ago. Websites such as TradingView and CoinMarketCap allow traders and investors to see the list of all the coins that are still operational, and still considered ‘live.’ According to these websites, there are currently over 2,100 altcoins on the market, waiting to be bought, sold, traded, or kept in a safe environment for future usage.

However, one big issue emerged after the US regulators started noticing the crypto trend, and that involves the SEC’s claims that most cryptocurrencies are not cryptocurrencies at all. While the SEC claims that cryptos are actually securities, the question “What is crypto?” inspired others in the community to take a different approach to the problem.

The first thing to consider is what defines a cryptocurrency? After all, what makes them different from currencies used in online games? Well, other than the fact that there is a huge lack of information regarding in-game currencies, there is also the problem of them being centralized, and owned by the company that owns the game.


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