Interview with Bruce Bates: TACToken, The Decentralization of Advertising

Q1: What is the rationale of having 10 different TAC tokens rather than one single TAC coin?

This is something we thought about for a long time, whether to have one single TAC coin or a series of tokens, or both. Having 10 different tokens doesn’t make a lot of sense to most people however it was the only way we could achieve our entire end goal of creating an industry base currency. Although we are currently only launching the 10 tokens and our MVP, our long term goals involve the creation of an entire blockchain and the TAC coin will be the underlying currency of that blockchain. 

Our goal is to create an industry based currency while at the same time giving people something the are a little more familiar with in terms of financial spending. With dollars their are pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, dollar bills, five dollar bills, ten dollar bills, twenty dollar bills, and hundred dollar bills. We want to make something similar within the advertising industry where there are smaller levels of currencies that build up to larger levels. This is a major aspect behind why we have created 10 different tokens. Over time we expect the offline advertising tokens, the t advertising tokens, the radio advertising tokens, and the magazine advertising tokens will hold a larger value than the tokens for banners, traffic exchanges, and other online advertising methods.

This means as our tokens value grows, some tokens will remain affordable for the smaller company and some will be more expensive for larger marketing campaigns. Just like with dollars, the tokens combined totals will make up the value of the currency that will be known as TAC.

Q2: Who will be the buyers of TAC tokens, and why would they buy TAC tokens when LTC offers a very low cost and efficient payment method today?

Ultimately anyone is free to buy TAC tokens. Our main focus is on getting advertisers and business owners to obtain the tokens so they can utilize them within our custom platform called OSMP-TAC to obtain advertising for their businesses. Others can also use them to buy advertising from us that they can setup within their own OSMP-TAC platforms, as the platform will be opensource and distributed to anyone who wishes to use it.

In terms of LTC, we don’t believe it is more efficient or cost efficient as a payment method. We have opted to build our tokens on Waves platform because it is actually the single most efficient token platform that exists. Also we have witnessed LTC users in action and they believe so much in the future of LTC that they don’t actually spend it. Outside of bitcoin itself, almost no one has really broken into the shopping industries. Many have attempted to do this but because they tend to focus in an “all or nothing” sort of mannerism – meaning they are trying to get every business online to accept them, they tend to fall sort.

Our focus on only advertising and marketing, allows us to target a large area of shopping but not so large that it becomes and impossible goal. At the same time by having different tokens for different aspects of the industry we also further narrow those markets down.

Q3: What if you cannot collect much money in one tokentype? Let’s say, in case of outdoor, you collect only 5000 usd, which is not enough to buy much advertising place?

All our funding will be bundled together for the use of purchasing contracts regardless of which specific token is sold. In terms of usage 5 of the tokens usage are built into our platform which will launch at the same time as our tokens. This means the traffic exchange tokens, the viral mailer tokens, the banner advertising tokens, the social tokens, and the article tokens will have immediate case use in our platform.

We will also continue to sell our tokens until we completely sell out of them. The only exception to this is tokens that members can earn within our platform. For example people will be able to earn small fractions of socTAC within our platform for using our social network, making friend connections, receiving comments on their posts, receiving likes on their posts and comments, and similar types of activities.

Q4: What happens if you buy outdoor advert (assuming you collected enough money) in the US, but I need it somewhere in another country?

Our goal is to begin obtaining advertising contracts within the US. After that we will be planning to move into the UK and then into Europe. For people who live outside of these countries, they have the option of using the online advertising token. It is also possible for people regardless of where they live to purchase ads from our platform, and setup their own OSMP-TAC platform and sell advertising for themselves in which they can mark the prices at whatever cost they wish.

We also have several partnerships with online advertising websites and website which offer online advertising through their websites. So for those who do not seek to strictly use our platform, they will be an array of other sites they can also use to spend their tokens.

Q5: Is there a list already from where you buy advert places?

All our contracts will be made publicly available when we obtain that. Outside of this, we will not be disclosing partnerships or potential partnerships until deals are finalized to help avoid any potential of rumors or hype which seem to plague the cryptocurrency industry. We don’t wish to have our tokens valued by hype nor do we wish to jeopardize any potential partnership or contracts by disclosing information before things are final.

Q6: Online advert prices are dependent on many factors. How will it work? How (at what value) will tokens be converted?

Tradition online advertising prices are based on several factors incorrectly. They do not value things based on a global marketplace of equality nor in a decentralized method. For this reason sites like Facebook will charge different pricing if you want to target people in the UK than if you want to target people in the US. This is not at all how things should be done. One person is not more valuable than another. It should simply boil down to a matter of if the advertising is successful in returning a sale or if not and if so what the value of that sale is. It should be about return of investment, not where that return comes from.

For this reason cryptocurrency economies have the ability to redefine traditional marketing and make it more equal for everyone. There is no need to specifically value cryptocurrency based on the value of standard fiat currency. Our tokens will obtain their value from the ads we sell and collectively how valuable those ads are. It does not matter what an individual ad sells for, it is the combined total of all the sales that make the value of each individual token.

What happens if I’ve used up all the tokens I have and I need more lately? Will you be issuing token continuously?

We don’t suspect this will be happening in the short term, as we will be continuing to sell until all 1 billion of our tokens have been released. Over the long term, there are two answers to this question. First is that the tokens will be listed on the waves decentralized exchange and users will be able to buy and sell them at whatever value they believe them to be worth – aka the market value. Second to that is that we will also be accepting our tokens as a form of payment on the OSMP-TAC platform. As such we will be constantly able to gather more tokens and resell them again and again allowing us to have no need to continuously issue more in the future.

Q8: What if you buy online advert for example, but not in a media that suits my target group. What can I do in that case?

Overall we want to hear from anyone who has this problem. We would like to know what media we are not covering. We believe we cover every single area of marketing and advertising that exists but if someone has a group or target we cannot reach, we want to know about it so we can solve that problem. Outside of that, as stated in the last question, they will have the ability to sell the ads on the open market to others who will be able to use them.

Q9: What is the jurisdiction of your company that will buy ads? And does it exist already? If yes, what is its name?

The contracts for advertising will be obtained under the marketers cooperative. Marketers Cooperative is an incorporated cooperative based and registered out of Denver Colorado.

 What countries are restricted?

As is the case with all American Based companies businesses or projects we have restricted Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia. We have done so by blocking all IP originating from these countries at our firewall level. To ensure these restrictions remain in place and working we have also blocked all TOR traffic, VPN traffic, and Proxy traffic from being able to signup at our system.

We also have KYC checks in place for anyone buying more than $1000 in or token sale. This is kept in place by only allowing each IP address to signup at with our service 1 time. This combined with our other settings will prevent users from being able to bypass our checks We will be doing IOG checks, Sanction checks, and pep checks with our ICO.



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