Hong Kong’s Bumbling Bitcoin Exchange CoinBene Annoys German Regulator

CoinBene, who denied being hacked earlier this year, is not registered to do business in Germany. German regulators want you to know that.

Regulated exchanges, still not the norm in cryptoland, go the extra mile of registering in every country where they intend to operate. In the United States and elsewhere this can mean numerous rounds of registrations – several states, including New York, have their own crypto regulations.

It would seem a more in-depth investigation into the doings of CoinBene might be underway. Is the regulator inferring that Coinbene needs to go to other exchanges to fill orders? Could this have anything to do with the funds that went missing earlier this year?

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/hong-kongs-coinbene-earns-public-warning-germany

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