Google’s Blockchain ETL Toolset Adds BCH, Dash, DOGE, ETC, LTC and ZEC Cryptocurrencies

Earlier this month BitcoinExchangeGuide had reported about Google opening their arm to Blockchain via BigQuery. Last year Day and lead developer Evgeny Medvedev discreetly loaded transaction data for the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains, along with some basic search tools, to Google’s BigQuery data analytics platform and have been studying how developers are using the software.

It is the hope of Medvedev and his team that the project, which has steadily come to be named. as ‘Blockchain ETL‘ (Stands for ‘Extract, Transform, Load), will allow Google to work gradually to regain ground that was initially lost to Amazon and Microsoft.

But while Google is working hard in order to catch up with its rivals, Amazon and Microsoft are already working on their own blockchain initiatives. Initiatives which may result in Google being left in the dust once again.


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