Fortune 500 Software Developer Says Bitcoin is a Garbage Network

Years of over-engineering and ethical decay has made Bitcoin a garbage network, says a Fortune 500 software developer.

Bryce Weiner, known for being part of controversial altcoin projects and their subsequent failures, took a potshot at the world’s leading digital currency protocol without elaborating on it. He later admitted that he was acting humorous while responding to a personal remark made on him earlier. Saying then that Bitcoin is indeed not a garbage network, but it still has a lot of other issues.

“It has neither earned nor deserves the right to be a global reserve currency,” Weiner claimed. “The only thing democratic about Bitcoin is that we can fork the source code and do it over again.”

The comments rattled many pro-Bitcoiners with some of them stating that Weiner was merely acting like an internet troll who shows no substantial evidence or reasoning behind his claims. A response went ahead and called Wiener a crypto-scammer whose opinion did not mean anything.


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