Fake CIA Sextortionists Demand Bitcoin Under Threat Of Prosecution

What better way to wake up than reading an email saying your credit card has been stolen? How about an email asking for bitcoin to keep you out of jail? Don’t you love phishing scams? There’s a new, particularly nasty crypto-related scam floating around, and it very well may ruin your life, quite literally, if you don’t pay attention.

As you can tell by reading the side effects of their latest prescribed scam attempt, it’s not a great idea to buy-in while you can. This latest scam will accuse you of viewing, storing, and/or transmitting illicit or pornographic media of minors.

To date, this scam has earned more than 30 bitcoins in just the top 15 most reported wallets—more than $120,000 of stolen bitcoin because sextortionists impersonated government officials.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/fake-cia-sextortionists-demand-bitcoin-under-threat-of-prosecution

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