Ethereum Hard Fork Rescheduled: Here’s When Constantinople Will Finally Launch

One of these problems is a significant group of miners continuing to mine as if the hard fork had actually taken place. Another problem is how to proceed with the upgrade intended to produce lower transaction fees, among other improvements. After a developer meeting Friday, Ethereum has decided to postpone the Constantinople upgrade and to disinclude the source of the “reentrancy bug,” that is, all code changes related to EIP-1283. Several proposals led up to the decision.

The upgrade has moved back 6 weeks. The second version of Constantinople will not actually hit the network until February 27th. The target discussed in the video is Ethereum block 7280000. There was no discussion of re-including EIP-1283 down the line. The damage done by the initial security vulnerability revelation seems to have significantly scarred the developers and the community.

There was discussion of a “two fork” strategy to ensure that the entire network gets on board with the next planned hard fork. Some Ethereum miners have continued mining a falsified Ethereum Constantinople chain and thus require special treatment in order to be cleanly upgraded to current software.

There was talk of coming up with a name other than Constantinople, but it didn’t go anywhere. The conclusion seemed to be that the naming of things was less important than the actual work required.


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