Ethereum Classic Price Faces Resistance, May Retest $7 And Move To $7.80 Near-term If Price Action Becomes Positive

Ethereum Classic prediction today is bullish even if Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been trading sideways for some days now. There have been range price movements short-term. There is still some bearish pressure at the moment but the Ethereum Classic (ETC) token is expected to overcome it soon. If the price of Ethereum Classic successfully breaks the 50-day simple moving average, a bullish wave would take the price of ETC as high as $7 and even higher according to the Ethereum Classic price analysis on

The Ethereum Classic to USD trading pair has been bullish for the past few days in line with the rest of the market. However, yesterday, when the market attempted a correction, the price improved briefly before it started trading bearish again today. The support levels are currently at $4.50, $5, and $5.50 while the resistance levels are at $7, $7.50 and $8. Right now, the price of Ethereum Classic (ETC) is within the $6 – $6.50 range.


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