Ethereum Blockchain Conference Defends Against Criticism for Deepak Chopra’s Invite

Major cryptocurrency and blockchain conference Ethereal Summit is defending its decision to extend an invitation to Deepak Chopra, a New Age spiritual leader and alternative medicine advocate. Ethereal, which is sponsored by Ethereum development studio ConsenSys, describes itself as the “SXSW of blockchain” and expects to host 2,000 attendees at its upcoming event in New York City.

The summit invited Chopra — who has written 21 New York Times bestsellers — to lead meditations at the conference’s “Zen Zone,” which also hosts yoga and other types of mindfulness exercises.

Chopra’s inclusion at the event drew criticism from a variety of prominent personalities in the Ethereum community, who alleged that Chopra engages in pseudo-science and will reflect badly on the conference as a whole.


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