Elon Musk Shills Ethereum, Price Goes from Red to Green

Elon Musk might have the SEC breathing down his neck about Tesla, but he’s having some fun with crypto Twitter. In a one-word tweet, he single-handily drew in the entire crypto community to his thread. The Tesla CEO simply said “Ethereum.” After he let the cat out of the bag, the ETH price started moving, erasing declines that have weighing on the second-biggest cryptocurrency all day and turning them into gains, albeit briefly. Elon Musk might want to tread lightly or he’ll get the SEC after him yet again for a completely different reason this time.

He followed it up with “jk” but it was too late. Responses to the thread came pouring in, ranging from cheers to reminders that he’s on the SEC’s speed dial. These were some of the best.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/elon-musk-shills-ethereum-price

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