Developers Behind Ethereum App Aragon Weigh Launching a Second Network on Polkadot

Developers behind ethereum decentralized application (dapp) Aragon are considering building a second network on the blockchain interoperability protocol known as Polkadot.

While Swiss company Aragon One AG stressed that it still intends to support launch of the Aragon Network on the ethereum blockchain this year, cofounder of the project Jorge Izquierdo revealed this week that they may additionally launch aragonOS, a framework to build smart contracts, on Polkadot.

“The idea is to make most aragonOS transactions almost free and very optimized, so users can seamlessly run [decentralized autonomous organizations] in a cheaper and faster way,” said Aragon cofounder Luis Cuende in interview with CoinDesk.

Cuende emphasized that the company is still “very bullish on ethereum and its ecosystem,” adding that “in terms of the Aragon Network, the plans are still to deploy it to ethereum during 2019.”

The idea of launching aragonOS on Polkadot is “still very early research,” Cuende said.

Indeed, going so far as to add a “speculation disclaimer” to the presentation, Izquierdo highlighted in his slides that “the Aragon Chain is on an early research phase.” Aragon’s exploration of a possible Polkadot network launch will run parallel to its continued research on the coming upgrade to ethereum known as Serenity, he said.


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